Politique de confidentialité
3.1 Durée de stockage
We retain your personal data in accordance with our data retention policy only for as long as is necessary to fulfill the purposes described in section 2 above or in accordance with statutory limitation periods for claims.
3.2 Sécurité de vos données
We have implemented technical and organizational measures in accordance with standard industry practices to ensure an appropriate level of security of the Personal Data processed. Nevertheless, security requires efforts from all actors involved. We thus encourage you to contribute to these efforts by taking appropriate security measures yourself, including using strong passwords and keeping your usernames and passwords confidential.
3.3 Prise de décision et profilage automatisés
As explained in our Usage Charter, we use an Artificial Intelligence – Natural Language Processing (AI-NLP) to scan all questions and answers present on the Platform to block any inappropriate content (i.e. content that is infringing the Usage Charter) . If as a result of the scanning, the content is suspected to be inappropriate, the message is blocked until a human moderator has checked it and the sender is given the opportunity to rewrite its message after being informed of the blocking.
You don’t have the right not to be subject to this as the decision is necessary for entering into, or performance of, a contract between you and us (art. 22.2 lit. a) GDPR).

3.4 Children 

None of the processing activities involving children below the age of 16 years is based on consent or contract. Whenever this would happen, we will make sure that the holder of parental responsibility over the child has consented to or authorized the processing. 
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