Peer Square Global
University life
can be complicated.

Peer Square mobile app connects students to support each other
throughout their university transition.
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Why Peer Square?
It is easier and more fun to be surrounded with peers who understand you, giving you honest answers and relevant pointers.
Is it free?
Peer Square is a free app.
Is it safe?
Peer Square is safe to use. Security measures are in place to ensure the outmost respect of your privacy.
Can I register?
You have to be a high school or university student to join Peer Square. A university or school ID is required upon registration.
How can I find peers?
Peer Square allows you to filter peers based on location, university or interest. You can connect with anyone in just one click.
Who is on this app?
Peer Square is open to any university student around the globe.
What answers will I find?
Through Peer Square, you can receive a variety of answers to your queries and select the one that suits you best.
How do I interact with peers?
You can chat, you can call, you can participate in forums, join or create your own groups.
How it works
Peer Square brings university students together to support each other in achieving their key milestones in their transition from school to university. By joining us, you will meet students from different places, on the same path from school to university. Sharing experiences, to help each other make the most out of university life.
Engage in real talks
  • Get honest answers from peers who have actually been there.
  • Live Chat or scroll through the Q&A Forum.
Peer Square is an online studying space for youth to learn together, and from each other.

A marketplace where youth connect with a global community of peers, trade knowledge, and earn points.
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