Back To School!
This will not be your usual blog, on how important school is and how if it were not for schools, we would not have established civilizations and advanced so much in our human state.

We believe this has already been established, especially with the fact that schooling and the entire idea of academia had already started since the time of the great Plato, and is still happening until today.

However, at CoCo World, we believe that a change of perspective is needed in this field of learning, we genuinely believe that with the change of the world, maybe it is also worthwhile to take a look at how educational pedagogy is applied and in what ways we can make it more relatable.

As much as there is value in the entire academic system, the subjects matter taught, and although there is an entire movement of changing the learning methodology into a more interactive one, a more inquiry based one, maybe in so many systems there are two main missing factors: Community and Real-Life Scenarios.

How often do we see educational systems, teaching students about life? In that sense, we are not talking about human life in Biology, or the beginning of life in atoms, we are talking about real life, such as tax systems, financial systems, connecting with others, engaging in conversation, managing time!

Although some of these skills are directly or indirectly entrenched in the subjects’ matter, maybe the know-how is what the students are missing. Most students these days, look for their own information, they google it, they find tutorials on YouTube and sometimes choose TIKTOK as their reference. What is this telling us? Well, if anything, it is simply telling us that they are looking for real-life experiences to learn from, they are looking for someone or something to relate to, to share similar background with, or in other words to communicate and connect with, hence our slogan!

Communicate and Connect, is at the heart of our solutions and operates as the major stimulus to all our features, because we believe that once any learner develops a connection with that learning experience, then the acquisition is surely established.

Let’s sit back, close our eyes and reflect on our experiences in classrooms. When did we participate the most? When were we intrigued the most? Wasn’t it when we were involved, when that topic or idea hit a button on the inside? This is exactly why, maybe in these new pedagogical systems and new teaching and learning methods we need to create that factor of hitting a spot on the inside, feeding a passion, connecting to a purpose.

Conventional opinions might go on to say, at this point these students do not know what they want, we need to show them the way, to shape their minds. Well, maybe, but not really… we have seen what shaping these minds has led across the years, be it in the state of the world and environment we have reached, be it in the fact that we still have wars, the rates of suicide and those of depression. Did you know, that one of the major causes of inflammation in the body results from loneliness? Has loneliness ever been addressed in any school subject?

Why did we reach to this point? Well, amidst all this advance in the human civilization the notion of connecting with others was dropped at some point, it was treated as a dispensable item, until dealing with its consequences has become indispensable with.

If we run a set of studies and statistics now, asking people about how they learned best, the answer would be experience. No one would say, it was that or this text book that actually changed my life.

At CoCo World, we believe this is the priority now, this is why we need to create these experiences that primarily allow individuals to connect, to create a base, to create a sense of worth and value, to be who they are.

By this, maybe this is where our perspective needs to change, this is what we need to create for these students, the opportunity to experience and connect and the rest is all acquired naturally, the way they perceive it, the way they understand it and the way they choose to connect with it.

Our vision and mission in our platforms are to enhance those experiences, to create these opportunities, aiming to allow these individuals to gain the confidence to be themselves, to find an opportunity to serve others while others serve them, regardless of systems, boundaries, restrictions or expectations, they all work towards one final goal of communicating and connecting towards their journey in life.   

Happy Back to School everyone, choose your lessons wisely, keep connecting!

Until next time,
Farah in CoCo World

With 17 years of experience in International high schools teaching English and Philosophy and a certified Health Coach, Farah is responsible for setting all Academic Methodology and Course content creation for CoCo World products.

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