Self-Empowerment: Why is it the tool for a successful living?

  We cannot escape fear.
We can only transform it into a companion that accompanies us on all our exciting adventures.... 

Take a risk a day-one small or bold stroke that will make you feel great once you have done it.


It is very interesting that we currently live in an age of awareness and rising consciousness, allowing previous generations or new ones to realize the value of the self and that most importance comes from within.

Although easier said than done, but it is in these EUREKA moments of epiphany and awareness that we think “Oh! the answer has always been with me!” Well, if this is the case, then why is it that we are unable to act on these thoughts, or as commonly called, intuition, or even our gut feeling.

Well, considering the word limit of this post, we cannot actually delve into every reason, because it will be thousands and thousands of words to list them and point them out. However, we can still point out a few, starting from childhood repressed feelings and behaviors, to educational systems, to namely lack of self-empowerment…

So, what is Self-empowerment, and why did it suddenly become a new hype. Well, to rule out the main misconception, it is NOT a hype, neither is it similar to a “FAD” Diet scenario. It is actually a result of our constant development, and attempt to understand that mysterious human mind, which we keep decoding day after day.

This all originates from the idea of “knowing thyself”, a recognized aspect of human development, being the only ones blessed with higher order thinking. This specifically refers to the cognitive process of metacognition, which allows us to reflect on our actions, behaviors, choices and decisions. In simpler words, our ability to think of our own thoughts.

One of the major breakthroughs in modern education, was recognizing the need for students to identify their own goals and reflect on their own work and thoughts. In the 1960’s, Edwin Lock came up with the goal setting theory, which basically revolves around the idea that when goals are set by the person the sense of motivation becomes intrinsic, coming from within. Having this paired with feedback and complexity of reflection, it will affect the amount of motivation that someone has. On a side note, and since we understand the value of motivation, we have created a module and quick-tips video about motivation on our platforms.

So how can we tie all this up together with self-empowerment? In other words, how do we actualize it?

We will be discussing the notion of self-empowerment in two different areas, in an educational context and in the personal context, which are highly interrelated. Whether we like to admit it or not education does shape character, and unfortunately in many conservative and traditional systems, this was completely neglected. So, what are methods of self-empowerment that can be applied?

1. Allowing individuals to express themselves, share their thoughts and opinions
2. Allowing debates and interactions through cooperative learning
3. Creating opportunities for finding their passion
4. Creating opportunities for leadership, regardless of how small the task can be
5. Presenting new perspectives and creating a safe environment to question and re-explore old ones

Having these in a community context, have been one of our pillars into creating our platforms

However, self-empowerment does not end here, neither is it restricted to a group context. Just like everything else that we need to do, it needs to come from within. By this, these are some tips on how to enhance self-empowerment internally and individually:

1. Maintain a positive attitude and mindset
2. Take failures or challenges as lessons to change, redirect and improve
3. Get in touch with your emotions, break them down and tackle your fears
4. Take risks, and in case of failure, refer to point two!
5. Focus on self-care, including eating and sleeping habits
6. Create an action list and follow through, celebrate your achievements daily, regardless of how small they are
7. Set your goals, and make sure you break them down into achievable steps
8. Create a work/study – life balance
9. Surround yourself with people that give you a positive vibe, or encourage you
10. Journal your intentions and thoughts, and act like they are already happening

As much as these practices can apply to anyone, it might also be that you have your own tools for self-empowerment.

Until next time, keep connecting
Farah in CoCo World

With 17 years of experience in International high schools teaching English and Philosophy and a certified Health Coach, Farah is responsible for setting all Academic Methodology and Course content creation for CoCo World products.

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