5 principaux avantages de l'apprentissage entre pairs
With every industry, business, or profession, the advancement of that said practice depends on its continuous evolution and enhancement. When we look at education, and throughout its history, we realize that the practice of education was never meant to stagnate. In fact, education kept enhancing itself at every opportunity that arose. Today we’ve seen education delve deep into the intricacies of e-learning. What was once a complimentary measure, or an added bonus, has morphed into something much more essential. 

E-learning in education is now at the frontier of education innovation. There are so many positive perks and added learning support that the application of e-learning in education provides to students and teachers. Once foreign concepts like artificial intelligence, data, analytics, and online learning are all products of e-learning in education today. 

But the most profound prospect of e-learning is that it has opened up new paths of education.

One of these innovative ways is peer-to-peer learning. Peer-to-peer learning is, by definition, an educational practice where students get together and interact with one another to attain educational goals. It is basically learning support for students to learn, connect, and collaborate with one another. An added activity wherein students get untethered access to additional education through the exchange, collaboration, and cooperation with other students and peers. Studying together towards a common goal which is to enhance their knowledge, and empower their peers. 

The benefits of peer-to-peer learning are endless. But for the purposes of keeping this article concise, we will highlight the 5 main benefits of peer-to-peer learning, and give you a better idea of this specific type of form of education and practice.
#1- Enhances Education 

The first, and most obvious, benefit is that peer-to-peer learning enhances a student’s education and knowledge. By studying together with other students and peers, students get access to information outside the traditional forms of learning and classrooms. Studies show that this has served to benefit ​​generic skills development and metacognitive training.

Receiving information and knowledge from a peer is different from receiving it from an authoritative figure like a teacher or professor. Peers are individuals that share the same knowledge and troubles as you. Meaning, a peer will understand what is hindering a particular student’s ability to understand -in full- a certain subject or topic. That is also why a peer may be better suited to explain that topic to the student, by speaking their language and having understood the topic themselves.

Peer-to-peer learning offers learning support outside the realm of traditional educational environments. Whether it’s through in-person sessions or e-learning in education via EdTech platforms where students gather online. Regardless of the setting, the benefit is ensured. 

#2- Students Are More Involved 

Traditional classrooms have the tendency to lose the attention of the student as things get dull and dormant. Students simply sit in class receiving instructions and information. The exchange is often unilateral, and that’s even with teachers seeking student engagement through the occasional back and forth.

However, with peer-to-peer learning, students are much more involved, which benefits their education, as they are the ones exchanging the information. Cooperation and collaboration are the centers of any and every educational transaction. Students gather to learn from one another, studying together, to perfect a certain subject or skill. 

E-learning in education allows for this exchange to go beyond the traditional walls of classrooms, into the online universe, providing around-the-clock access and ease for any student seeking added learning support. 

#3- It Fosters a Healthy Learning Environment 

Another benefit of peer-to-peer learning is that it helps foster a healthier learning environment. One of the ways is through the involvement of all students in the education process.

Another way is that it provides much-needed learning support beyond the hindered hours of traditional forms of learning.

Finally, through e-learning in education, access to peer-to-peer learning online essentially provides unlimited access to education. Whereas teachers are often hindered by the limits of their job, peers are willingly available for each other, past school hours, to provide learning support to their fellow peers. This breeds a sense of union and comradery, that ultimately translates into the classroom, making the learning environment a healthy and happy one

#4- The Added Social Aspect 

Peer-to-peer learning provides positives that go beyond just the educational ones. There are social benefits to the practice as well. The added time that students spend with one another helps build social bonds that transcend regular school hours.

By studying together and engaging with one another, students enhance their social skills and build bonds and friendships. 

#5- It Positively Impacts Academic Achievement 

Probably the biggest benefit of peer-to-peer learning is that it has a significant effect on improving academic achievement for students. In short, it offers the right learning support that ultimately improves the student’s grade. It is not only that students are studying together, but it’s also that the peer teacher is fine-tuning their skills by teaching the peer student the subject.

So, in effect, the entire exchange is positive for both parties involved. 

What is Peer Square 

Peer Square is a peer-to-peer collaborative class that offers seamless services, coupled with high-quality user experience, and organization. Focused on providing learning support through e-learning in education, Peer Square is an online platform where students can grow their network of peers, enhance their skills and knowledge, through studying together, and connecting with one another. 

E-learning in education is what allows Peer Square to prosper. It is also what allows students to gain access to much-needed learning support and education. By studying together with other students from across the world on Peer Square, students are guaranteed all the learning support and assistance they need. 

To learn more about Peer Square, and why we are the best e-learning platform offering a seamless and smooth peer-to-peer learning experience, visit our website now, and contact us for a more detailed conversation! 

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