Community Guidelines
At Peer Square, we are all about collaborative learning.
We put enormous value on the communities Peer Square creates.

These communities strive to provide a safe space to come together, and exchange knowledge and ideas with peers.

Codes of Conduct
• Communicate in a respectful manner with each other.
• Respect intellectual property and privacy.
• Use the platform only for academic purposes.
• Avoid using abusive language.
• Do not post or share racially, religiously, sexually explicit, or offensive content.
• Do not engage in any form of cyberbullying.
• Do not use threats to encourage harm or risk of physical injury or property damage.
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• Maintain honesty in your profile, conduct and communication with peers.
• Be open and honest when communicating with your peers.
• Hold yourself accountable for your actions.
• Set a positive example by demonstrating positive behavior towards your peers.
• Strive to be productive on Peer Square by completing all your one on one and group lessons on time.
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• Treat all peers equally and respectfully.
• Avoid any kind of discrimination, including that based on gender, race, sexual orientation, or religion.
• Do not use prejudice.
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• Act responsibly and share relevant and appropriate content.
• If you cannot help a peer, refer them to someone more capable.
• Keep Peer Square a safe community by reporting any misconduct on the platform.
• Use the platform to solve academic problems and master your learning.
• Avoid sharing content that is plagiarized.
• Do not post confidential information and answers to quizzes and exams.
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Community Guidelines
"Those who are happiest are those who do most for others"
- B.Washington
On Peer Square you can
• Reach out for help
• Share knowledge with peers
• Take initiatives
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You should also be
• Authentic
• Respectful
• Helpful
• Truthful
• Ambitious
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Peer Square is an online studying space for youth to learn together, and from each other.

A marketplace where youth connect with a global community of peers, trade knowledge, and earn points.
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