12 Oct 2021
5 Top Trends to Look for in the EdTech Industry
The EduTech industry has helped the schools survive during the Covid-19 pandemic. Read this article to learn about the top 5 trends in the EduTech industry.
19 Oct 2021
Why You Should Engage Your Child in Peer-to-Peer Learning
Peer-to-peer learning is on the rise today, but will be an essential practice in the future. Here is why you should engage your child in peer-to-peer learning.
26 Oct 2021
Special Skills Students Gain Through Collaborative Learning
In the new age of the internet, with the rise of EdTech and e-learning platforms, more and more students are getting acquainted with online learning. However, it is not only becoming acquainted, students are becoming very familiar with collaborative learning and studying together that e-learning sites have become a necessity for education in the modern era.
02 Nov 2021
How to Incorporate Peer-to-Peer Learning into your Child’s Education
Peer-to-peer learning helps complement traditional education by offering additional learning support, and by making that learning support easy access through e-learning websites.
16 Nov 2021
Why Traditional Education is Failing to Prepare Students for the New World
When you think about any industry throughout history, almost all of them adapted and evolved with the times. The ones that didn’t almost certainly died out. This theory does not solely apply to industries.
30 Nov 2021
A Closer Look At The Transformative Role of Peer Learning in
 21st Century School
Peer Learning has been a hot topic and growing at a rapid pace in the 21st century. A big reason for the growth of collaborative learning platforms, and peer-to-peer learning spaces is the positive upside the innovative practice has had on its constituents.
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