The meaning of life ?!
It has been a week I am pondering over the theme I will address in this Wisdom Wednesday. Despite the suggestions of my team, my friends, my family, my dog and my very best mentor “google”….It came in the most unexpected way and the most awkward context.

“The meaning of life” it is.

If you are reading this, expecting an answer from me on what life means...Sorry! you will be disappointed. After two Wisdom Wednesdays blogs, I have not been promoted yet to a Guru that has all figured out… especially not one who will tell you what life is. (BTW, I am still searching myself ☺)

However, someone seems to have the answer. 
No, I didn’t have a one-to-one with GOD. I found him on youtube (my second-best mentor alternative)! This "someone" is an American Ted Speaker who decided to tackle this subject with the mission “to make the WORLD  great again”.

He proposed a set of hypotheses:

Life is choices
Life is time
Life is memories.
Life is communication.
Life is love.
Life is replicated DNA.
or Life is all the above !

Think about it. Each answer could be the one in its own right.
All the choices we make in our life can shape it.
All the memories we garner through our brief transition on this earth, build the pieces of what our life has been.
All the moments of communication and connection make up for the quality of life we live.
All the love we give and take shapes our life
And finally, the replicated DNA is self-explanatory and the only proven meaning of life for the scientific minds around us.

Let's not think about what life means. 
Instead let's think how come all the hypotheses above or at least the majority of them resonate with us. Isn't interesting how definitions and meanings are all a matter of perspectives?

We, as human beings, make meanings of things based on our individual projections. Family, religion, love, and success…. are all concepts that we construct their meanings based on our nature and nurture.

There is no right or wrong definition. There is no white-and-black answer. Meanings are the outcomes of perspectives emerging from our upbringing and the experiences we live ourselves or through others.

Just imagine how enriching and enlightening it is to connect with others with diverse perspectives.Their definitions are just the tip of the iceberg underneath which, lie a fusion of ideologies, experiences and values which the individual himself is not always aware of. 

Just imagine how enriching and enlightening it is to take the time to understand where they come from (literally and figuratively) rather than judging, arguing, debating or defending your point of view.

Next time you are in a situation where perspectives are not aligned, you can make the choice to communicate and connect with the other; to invest your time to build a lasting memory of empathy and love; and to make that moment in time a meaningful one.

Until next time, keep connecting .

Caroline Assaf - Founding Director
15+ years of global and multi-sectoral management experience in corporate, nonprofit, and public sectors. Caroline is the founder and director of Coco World and is responsible for implementing the startup’s vision and leading the business development and fundraising strategies.

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